[ extract concerning Chris ]
1. CHRIS CAULEY, 27, Atlanta
Sob Story: Cauley’s #1 musical influence, his grandmother, a bluegrass musician, recently died.
The Voice: Far from singing bluegrass, Chris chose to cover “Grenade” and turned in a fairly unique, grainy, certainly more mature take on the Bruno Mars hit. It was easily the most consistently executed performance of the night, imparting real grit to Mars’ gleaming neo-soul grooves. But it was Cauley’s falsetto on the lyric “Jump in front of a train for you…” that finally sold Adam on it. Chris suggested that Adam and Cee Lo arm wrestle for his loyalty, to which Adam later tweeted, “Arm wrestling Cee Lo wouldn’t go well for me. However, I’m pretty sure I could take the cat. It’s on @PurrfecttheCat.” Despite a lack of bicep power, Adam still earned Cauley’s loyalty.
The three other team additions–Nathan Parrett (“The Joker”), Brian Fuente (“Paris Ooh, La La”) and Moses Stone (“Let’s Get It Started”) were breezed over so quickly, it’s hard to render a critical perspective. I’m interested in how Stone is the first MC to make it through on The Voice, yet puzzled why any MC would choose the Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get It Started” for his audition.
And so part three of the blind auditions comes to an end. Did you share my relative disappointment? Do you agree that Chris Cauley has the most potential of the lot? And how much longer do you think it will be before Purrfect the Cat has his own swivel chair?



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