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Heres two new blogs Chris posted on March 1st on his official page on the NBC The Voice site

NB – You can now find/read ALL his blogs under the tab “Chris” > “Blog” at the top of the page 🙂

Now Playing!!!

By Chris Cauley on March 01, 2012 02:13 PM

Hey guys and gals!!!  Hope yall are enjoying watching the show!  It’s been incredible on my end of things.  Who knew Monday’s could be so fun.  I had a few questions from some folks about what I’m listening to these days.  Well, I thought I’d tell ya in blog format.  🙂

-I’m BIG into “Dirty Loops!!!”  Yall seen their videos online yet!!?!!?  AMAZING.  Love the way they spin current pop tunes.  Serious chops.

-Always listening to my dear friend, Matt Cusson.  His record is incredible.  He’s actual on tour with Javier Colon right now so he’s in The Voice fam. Get his record yall!!!

As far as who has the most plays on my IPod it’s gotta be Anthony Hamilton, Brian McKnight, John Mayer, Robin Thicke, David Ryan Harris, Eric Benet, Jamie Cullum, Michael Jackson, Jonny Lang, Michael Buble, Prince, Stevie, and Ray Charles.  I like to think my IPod is the life of the party at all times.  🙂

What are yall listening to?!?!?  Gimme some new stuff!!!

Thanks for all the love!


Just saw Blind Audition tapes!!!

By Chris Cauley on March 01, 2012 02:20 PM

EEEK!!!  LOL, that was ALL of team Adam’s reactions when we were told we were about to watch all of our blind audition tapes of everyone on the team.  We were told we had a quick meeting in the hotel and we walked into an official meeting room with cameras around and a TV set up at the end of the table.  When they told us we were about to watch everyone’s audition tapes, all of our collective stomachs dropped at once.  It’s hard enough to watch yourself on tape when you are alone, so you could imagine the feeling when 11 other artists are watching it then looking at you for a reaction.  LOL

Here’s a pic of us in the room…

Picture 1.png
We had a blast with it though!  As tough as it was, it brought us all closer together.  I’m telling you, this team is FIERCE!   As far as my reaction to seeing me own audition, it was pretty terrifying to say the least.  If I’m completely honest, since the blind audition, I’ve been freaking out about my first falsetto note.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, but it was still pretty weak compared to how I usually do it.  Oh well, that’s part of reality TV I guess.  Yall get the good, the bad, and the ugly.  🙂

Another chill day today.  Tomorrow we meet with Adam and find out the song and who we battle for the battle rounds!!!  We’re all super stoked!

Meanwhile, I’m trying to score us some tickets to Universal Studios (which is literally across the street) so we can have some good hang time outside of the show!  Love this place!

Took this pic walking around today.

Picture 2.png
That’s all for now peeps!  Be sure to hit me up on Twitter and we can chat about the show!!!  @chriscauley   Be blessed!



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