Chris’ Kickstarter Update “We Got This!!!”

Hey guys!  It’s a beautiful morning outside here in Atlanta and I hope it’s the same wherever you are!  As I sit here in my bed (don’t judge), I’m getting EXTREMELY excited about this new EP!  If I’m totally honest, I’m getting nervous too.  I haven’t released my own “work” in a long and the stomach knots of “What if someone doesn’t like it?” and “Am I good enough to do this?” are starting to creep in.  Yep, all artists are sensitive in one way or another.  🙂

I’m trying to come up with ways to motivate people to pledge and to be honest, I’m running out of ideas.  🙂  The simple, “It only takes $0.67 for each twitter follower” didn’t seem to do too much.  Haha!  Which is why I’m thanking you and asking more of you at the same time.  If you or a friend is waiting to pledge, please don’t.  🙂  The sooner we reach this goal, the sooner I’ll stop bugging you with redundant updates and the sooner my blood pressure goes down.  🙂  So it’s a win/win for everyone.  Haha!  Here are a few things to tell people that are on the fence about pledging…

1.  You aren’t giving anything away, you are simply pre-ordering!  Yep, it’s true!  The common reason for people not wanting to pledge is that they feel like it’s a handout.  And believe me, I get it!  BUT, with a small pledge of $10, you are getting the entire EP in return!  No handouts here, just pre-orders.  🙂

2.  You won’t be charged until the goal is met!  I’ve had a few people reach out and say that they’ll pledge when the next paycheck comes in.  And who doesn’t understand that in this economy!?  BUT, good news, if you pledge now, your card won’t be charged until the very END of the campaign!  Or, if we don’t meet the goal, you won’t be charged a dime!

3.  Every dollar counts!!!  Refer back to the $0.67 per Twitter follower analogy.  In that case, every PENNY counts!  No pledge is too small!

4.  You aren’t just giving or even pre-ordering, you are investing in a career!!!  The state of the music industry is brutal.  The days of radio stations playing songs they like, and record labels signing someone because they enjoy their music are long gone.  Independent artists careers now depend 100% on YOU, the fans or the “consumers”.  I cannot stress enough how much you are helping me, even with the smallest pledge!  We all long to have our voices be heard.  Well, with pledging to an independent artist’s project, you aren’t only being heard, but your dollars are speaking and speaking loudly, and the industry hears dollars when they speak.  🙂

So again, THANK YOU for pledging and urging others to pledge!  We can do this, but we can only do it TOGETHER.  I’m on my hands and knees asking (okay, begging) you to share this message with everyone!  Retweet on Twitter, Share on Facebook, copy and paste in emails!  Whatever you do, just know you are making a difference!  Love yall!  God bless!!!



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